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Recycling Transport Zone Charges for (WEEE) hazardous waste & (WEEE) non hazardous waste collection. Please click on the map below to enlarge and download the printable pdf.

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Please ensure that the items are located at your site at ground level and ready for loading on the day of collection. Please inform us if you need any help in getting material ready for collection for which we will levy a small labour charge. The above pricing is calculated with sending 1 Operative with the vehicle, if any items are too heavy, or bulky, please ensure you have assistance ready onsite, or advise us, where we will ensure adequate labour is provided. *Full terms and conditions available upon request please email: for more information. Offers shown are subject to availability of service, management reserve the right to change or withdraw these offers at any time without prior notice. All prices are exclusive of VAT charged at the current rate.

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